I’ll Focus On Youth, Women Empowerment, and Climate Change Awareness — Sardaunan Katsina

News Jan 2, 2023

Ambassador Ahmed Rufa'i Abubakar, the new Sardaunan Katsina, stated that in addition to his advising role in the emirate, he will focus on good causes like as women and youth empowerment, as well as climate change awareness initiatives.

The new Sardauna disclosed this while briefing journalists after his turbaning by the Emir of Katsina, Dr. Abdulmuni Kabir Usman on Saturday.

“Of course, there are things to do, advisory functions that I’m expected to perform, to be helping in advising His Royal Highness, the Emir of Katsina, in his capacity as the Emir of Katsina in terms of running the Emirate and doing his functions, but also as a member of the Council of Chiefs of Katsina State, I will be required to also advise in that capacity.

“But personally, even before this title, I have been looking forward to finishing my national engagement, In sha Allah, the time will come that I will retire home and I have been investing in farming activities in agro-allied kind of things, but also I have been looking forward to doing something related to good courses in terms of women empowerment, youth empowerment and in the issues of climate change.

“In Katsina, we have a Sahelian climate and we are near the desert, so that also is an issue. We need to raise awareness in terms of tree planting and not destroying trees and so on and so forth. So, these are the things,

“That is why as part of the activities of this turban, we have already started the work. We did a Polo exhibition match in Abuja. And the sole purpose is to raise awareness, is to get sponsorship in that case, and that is why we linked the Polo match with the launching of a digital platform, the Sardauna digital platform and this platform actually is going to play a key role in all the things that we will be doing with regard to what I have said,” he said.

He said that was his hope in his capacity as Sardauna, as a citizen of this country who has been blessed, with the kind of trajectory that he has gone through from education, enjoying the scholarship, and working in the government

“All the privileges, the honor that I got. So, I am willing and ready also to render services, continue to run the services to the community,” he said.

He expressed his gratitude to all his friends and colleagues who came from far and near to grace the occasion and to the local organizing committee, headed by the Minister of Aviation, Senator Hadi Sirika.

I’ll focus on youth, women empowerment, climate change awareness — Sardaunan Katsina - Daily Trust
The new Sardaunan Katsina, Ambassador Ahmed Rufa’i Abubakar, said in addition to his advisory function in the emirate, he would...