Sardauna of Sokoto

Sir Ahmadu Bello, popularly known as the Sardauna of Sokoto is arguably one if not the most politically powerful man to have walked the northern Hemisphere of Nigeria. The Sardauna of Sokoto was a reputable statesman, a focused politician, and a well-admired and loved diplomat.

Every Nigerian, and all human being are created equal, endowed by God with rights among which are life, liberty, equal opportunity, blessings and the legitimate pursuit of happiness.

Early Life of The Sardauna

Ahmadu Ibrahim Bello was born in the city of Rabah, on June 12 1910 to the family of Mallam Ibrahim Bello. His father held the title of Sarkin (king of) Rabah. He was from the early age of four Islamically educated at home, where he learned the Qur’an, Islamic jurisprudence, and the Prophetic traditions which were expected as a descendant of the great Sheikh Muhammad Bello, son of Dan Fodio.

Achievements of Sir Ahmadu Bello Sardauna

Ahmadu Bello’s many political accomplishments include; establishing the Northern Regional Development Corporation (NRDC), which subsequently became the Northern Nigeria Development Corporation (NNDC), the Bank of the North, the Broadcasting Company of Northern Nigeria (BCNN), and the Nigeria Citizen Newspapers.

His leadership characteristics were a mishmash of religious, traditional, and modern values and his obligation in colonial and post-independence Nigeria was performing these different roles in the northern region.

He made it a major priority of his that the North would be at par politically and economically with the Western and Eastern regions.